Uh Oh, Some Emergency Calls To 000 Aren’t Going Through

This seems less than ideal.

Telstra 000

Some Telstra customers have been unable to get through to emergency services this morning after the telecoms company suffered its second major outage this week.

The outage reportedly affected customers in NSW, Victoria, Queensland and WA, and is believed to have been caused by a lightning strike to a cable in NSW between Orange and Bowral at around 2am.

According to Telstra, the cut cable caused “intermittent mobile voice connection interruptions” across the four states, including to 000.

NSW Police have advised anyone unable to get through on 000 to call the Police Assistance Line on 131 444 for all emergency services including fire and ambulance.

In Victoria, customers needing to reach the emergency services are advised to “keep trying” 000.

Queensland Police advised they are still receiving calls as of around 6am this morning.

The outage on Friday comes after Telstra experienced technical issues on its NBN and 4G networks on Tuesday, leaving customers unable to make or receive calls for upwards of three hours.