Teens Are Posting Pics Of The Fake Halloween Outfits They Used To Fool Their Strict Parents

"LMAOOOOOOOOO SORRY MA, I had to draw on my chest."

Halloween outfits

If you grew up with strict parents, you know the struggle of trying to get away with wearing the actually fun Halloween outfit you really want.

And Trisha, a college student from UCLA, is no stranger to this.

For Halloween this year Trisha decided that she wanted to go as a referee, with a bit of a twist. But before setting off for the night and wearing the outfit she had planned, she snapped a photo of the original costume and sent it to her dad.

She then uploaded her real costume, and the one her parents saw onto Twitter, where it went viral.

For Trisha’s actual outfit, she cut her shirt and switched to shorts, while her parents thought she wore the t-shirt and leggings combo she sent them prior.

For the record, her dad thought the look was “very nice 👍”.

After getting over 400,000 likes in a day, the tweet inspired other other teens with equally strict parents to share their photos too.

Some even did almost full outfit changes after taking a snap for mum and dad.

And others even went so far as to draw on fake shirts to help fool their unsuspecting parents.

While one Twitter user suggested Trisha make her account private in case her parents saw her tweet, she replied: “girl the damage has been done, I’ll see y’all in my next life.”

Ah, teens. They’re just like you and me.