The Most Satisfying Thing On The Internet Is A Dirty Teddy Bear Being Steam-Cleaned

I need this company to steam-clean my brain.

satisfying video steam clean

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Gross things are always the most satisfying things to watch — whether it’s a pimple popping compilation or clips of earwax removals.

But there’s something equally as disgustingly and enjoyable about watching super dirty things getting cleaned properly. In particular, pressure washers and steam cleaners always manage to make items look even newer than brand new.

One particular video of this fascinating process happening on a stuffed bear has gone viral on Twitter. Hong Kong producer, Victoria Ho, managed to find a goldmine of steam-cleaning videos on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok.

“There is a steam-cleaning company on Douyin and I can’t stop watching its videos,” Victoria tweeted alongside a clip of a normal-looking brown teddy bear. The kicker, however? The bear is actually white and whatever magical cleaning stick the company used managed to restore the bear to its original state in 36 seconds.

The clip left everyone online both disgusted and intrigued, but above all else just confused at how someone could let something get so damn dirty. Plus the insane power of the cleaning stick had people cracking jokes and suggesting other people who could benefit from a nice steam-clean too.

After people stopped making jokes, they begun questioning whether the steam-cleaner had actually stripped the teddy bear of its natural colour. So Victoria uploaded a follow-up video with a similar bear. This time the stuffed animal was holding a white cushion with hearts, and the steam cleaner showed the vibrant red colour underneath all the brown dirt.

The steam-cleaning witchcraft stick was so popular, that people began demanding to see more of its power.

Unfortunately as Douyin is a Chinese platform that’s only accessible within China, the steam-cleaning company’s account is almost impossible to find without a VPN. But luckily, Victoria was kind enough to bless us with two more cleaning videos of a chair and a floor mat, until we can figure out a way to find this Douyin account. Disgustingly beautiful, honestly.