‘Ted Lasso’ Sets Decisive Release Date Of ‘Before June’

We've got ourselves an old-fashioned showdown.

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Everyone’s favourite soccer comedy Ted Lasso has finally set a rough release date for its troubled third season. 

With production troubles including pay disputes among the cast, marital woes involving a top-secret salad dressing, and even Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Jason Sudeikis has been in the fight of his life to safely shepherd the beloved sitcom to its third season.

But it seems the struggle is almost over, with Apple TV+ confirming a spring premiere for season three of Ted Lasso; which translates to a release between March and May for viewers down under. As Ted himself would say, “hope springs eternal”. So true, Ted.

While the news wasn’t accompanied by an actual trailer or a concrete release date, an image released alongside the announcement teases further conflict between Nate (Nick Mohammed) and Ted (Jason Sudeikis). Hopefully just a bit of round ball banter, eh?

While the show is being widely rumoured to conclude with its third season, Sudeikis and his ilk have stayed mum about the prospect of hanging up the boots anytime soon.  

Despite the perils ahead, a third season of a TV show is a bit like that difficult third album, innit? At this point, the drummer and bass player are fighting and the tour bus smells like expired milk. But on the bright side, third time’s a charm baby! Just look at the last season of Succession! God, I miss Succession.

Anyway, As Ted himself says: “I believe in Communism. Rom-communism, that is. If Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan can go through some heartfelt struggles and still end up happy, then so can we.”

Ted Lasso Season 3 Drops on Apple TV+ in Autumn 2023.