Your Guide To The Chaos Unfolding Behind The Scenes Of ‘Ted Lasso’

Season 3 should have aired months ago, but production hasn't even wrapped yet.

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The cast of Don’t Worry Darling can finally take five, because not only did a certain royal death distract from their antics; fresh new on-set drama beckons: this time, on Apple TV+ darling Ted Lasso.

A new report from Puck, titled What The Hell Is Happening With Ted Lasso, highlights an unusual situation: Season 3 of the hit Apple TV+ show was due to air months ago, but at present, the show is still in the thick of production.

So what gives? Here’s what we know about all the drama reportedly unfolding on the set of Ted Lasso.

Supporting Actors Not Being Given Their Due 

The outlet suggests that given the show’s huge success, supporting actors and even lead actors are not being compensated accordingly. Jason Sudeikis, of course, the star and creator of the show, will reportedly earn at least $1 million USD per episode of Season 3, so that’s nice for him.

However, a couple of sources suggest that Brett Goldstein, who both writes for and plays football coach Roy Kent on the show, earnt an acting fee of about $150k USD per episode.

Warner Bros, who own the show, reportedly uses that number as a ceiling for several of Goldstein’s co-stars who don’t write or produce; suggesting that Goldstein, who is a double Emmy winner, isn’t seeing the fruits of Ted Lasso‘s success to the extent that Sudeikis is.

Season 3 Is Not Even Close To Being Finished

Ted Lasso tragics will tell you it’s been well over a year since the show’s second season came out, and when it comes to getting Season 3 done and dusted, there’s reportedly no end in sight: a sentiment very much on display at last week’s Emmys when Sudeikis finished an acceptance speech with the words, “we’ll see you for Season 3, at some point”.

Puck reports that the release date for Season 3 has been blown out due to Sudeikis ordering several script rewrites. While those are par for the course, the rewrites apparently took longer than usual, and at one point a Sudeikis-led brainstorm landed the cast in Amsterdam; adding several weeks to the show’s production schedule.

Meanwhile, filming at Stamford Bridge (home of Chelsea Football Club) reportedly halted when its owner Roman Abramovich had to sell the team after Russia invaded Ukraine.

Stars Itching To Move On 

The leading cast of Ted Lasso — Hannah Waddingham, Brett Goldstein, Juno Temple, Brendan Hunt, Phil Dunster, Nick Mohammed, Toheeb Jimoh — are now famous thanks to the success of the show, and several have reportedly been offered big acting gigs.

However, Puck reports that they remain “handcuffed” to Ted Lasso and denied requests to do them. The production company is also not only holding on to actors for dear life until the end of Season 3, but — until a potential Season 4 next year.

Free these actors! Free them!

Budget Blow-Outs 

Mainly because of the delays outlined above, the budget for Season 3 for Ted Lasso has reportedly blown out 20 to 30 percent.

So, while Ted Lasso Season 3 was due to air about three months ago, it’s very much still in production. Word has it that if we’re lucky, Ted Lasso will manage to wrap up production before the end of the year and air in March or April 2023.

But if Puck‘s report is anything to go by, we wouldn’t bet on it.