TikTok Teens Are Imitating The Teachers Everyone Had In High School And It’s Scarily Accurate

The finger over the mouth transported me back to a place I didn't want to go to.

teacher tiktok

Three days ago, @hooodjabi went viral for a TikTok where she re-enacted what teachers are like during their lunch breaks.

With 22.4 million views on TikTok and over seven million on Twitter, her perfect recreation of every female teacher to ever eat lunch transported many back to their childhoods.

From the aggressive fork stabbing, to the “ladies, what do we need?”, to the finger over the mouth, Mfaz’s TikTok really uncovered some deeply repressed high school memories.

In fact, imitating stereotypical teacher traits has become a real trend on TikTok over the past few months.Ā Mfaz, for example, has been able to grow her account to 1.7 million followers based on these videos alone. Just six days ago, the content creator celebratedĀ hitting 500,000 followers on the app, and 13 videos later, she’s managed to add another million on top.

This influx of followers has come as a direct result of Mfaz finding her niche on TikTok as a POV creator focused on school content. Her most popular videos beyond teachers eating their lunch include: teachers during parent-teacher conferences, assistant principals when they roam the hallways and those bitchy-ass school nurses, who very clearly hate their jobs.

But this trend of recreating iconic teacher moments wasn’t something thatĀ @hooodjabi came up with.Ā Mark Gaetano of @snarkymarkyĀ was one of the first to popularise the trend, andĀ managed to build a follower base of 3.5 million followers from it. Through hisĀ “Rude Teacher” and “Karen” characters that no one else was doing, Mark was able to gain over 120 million likes on the platform.

Perfecting his snarky teacher voice and iconic catchphrases, along with the perfect school “office lady walk”, Mark has become one of the most popular POV creators on the app. However, none of his videos are more iconic than his school secretary waddle and “the volume inside of this bus is astronomical” field trip video — which has even inspired its own song remix and dance trend.

Truly covering every and any teacher-related scenario imaginable, @snarkymarky has now inspired a bunch of creators to rag on all the worst teacher traits. And yep, that includes the Aussie “not hat, no play” ones too.

The children really are the future.