A Club Remix Of Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’ Is Now The Biggest Song On TikTok

Nearly 900,000 videos have used the track since it popped up in mid-July.

taylor swift love story discolines remix photo

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If you’ve scrolled through TikTok in the last week, you might have noticed the steady rise of a particular audio track involving one of Taylor Swift’s biggest hits.

The audio is a lo-fi club remix of Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’, her colossal 2008 track about the trials and tribulations of Romeo and Juliet. There’s nothing strange about that — TikTok is full of remixes — but for whatever reason only the TikTok Gods know, it’s now soundtracking one of the biggest trends to ever fly across the platform.

In the last few weeks nearly 900,000 videos have used the audio, with the vast majority of them taking part in the trend — which involves simply placing your phone on a moving platform (skateboard, car, whatever), rolling it away from you, and dancing. Yep, that’s it.

The audio, named ‘Love Song Discolines’ (after the SoundCloud mix) is attributed to user @ethanishung, who posted it back on July 10.

It’s since evolved into something much bigger, with most major TikTok celebrities taking part (yes…James Charles is involved).

People are now really going the extra mile, mounting their phones on drones, walking in place on moving cars, and strapping it to a surfboards.

As for the original user, he’s pretty bemused by the entire situation.

You can have a listen to the full remix below.