Taylor Swift Has Quietly Edited Out The Worst Part Of ‘ME!’

Even if spelling *is* fun, maybe Swift realised the lyric wasn't.

Taylor Swift lover review photo

Taylor Swift’s Lover is out tomorrow, and it looks like she’s using the album release to rectify the most divisive part of her lead single, ‘ME!’. Yep, she’s removed the ‘Spelling Is Fun!’ line from the song’s album version on Apple Music and iTunes.

In case you need a reminder, Swift says the line with the same cadence of a Play School host about 1.55 into the ‘ME!’, in-between the second chorus and bridge.

Combined with the candy-coated Dreamworks-animation style music video, it had listeners confused as to whether Swift was leaning into Kidz Bop territory — thankfully, by subsequent singles, it turned out to be a bit of a mis-direct.

With the album version of Lover preemptively updating on Apple Music and iTunes today, Swifties noticed that the song is missing the line. Maybe Swift realised it was a bit too much.

But if you are a fan of literacy, you’ll still be able to hear the original on YouTube and Spotify, where the single version currently resides. We’ve reached out to team Taylor to see if there’s an official line on the change, and will update the story if we hear back.

Swift’s choice to update the song is part of a post-streaming trend within music of continuing to edit and refine a song post its release. Kanye West kicked it off with the several alterations he’s made over the years to 2016 album The Life Of Pablo.

Listen to the new, ‘Spelling Is Fun!’-free version of ‘ME!’ below, and hype yourself up for Lover with our look back at Swift’s 20 most essential tracks.