Taylor Swift Played ‘SNL’ On The Weekend And We Still Can’t Handle Watching Her Dance

Turns out Old Taylor isn't dead after all.

On Friday, Taylor Swift dropped her highly-anticipated, highly-controversial sixth album Reputation. 

Traditional promo for the album has been basically non-existent so far  — and very purposefully so — but Swift came out of hiding over the weekend to appear as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, performing her singles ‘Ready For It‘ and ‘Call It What You Want‘.

It was a pretty restrained performance, but there were a few doses of extra — mostly notably the crystal-encrusted snake microphone that she clutched throughout ‘Ready For It’.

She also treated us to some pretty classic Taylor-Swift-Awkward-Dancing during ‘Ready For It’, as she gamely attempted to keep up with the grinding of her backup dancers.

But it was ‘Call It What You Want’ that stole the show. Stripped back to an acoustic number, with Swift on guitar being supported by a lone cello and some backup vocals, it harked back to the Good Ole Taylor Days of ‘White Horse’ and ‘Teardrops On My Guitar’. Guess Old Taylor isn’t dead after all.

Watch both performances below.