The ‘Lover’ Video Has Kicked Off A Wave Of Taylor Swift Pregnancy Conspiracy Theories

A single shot has fans suspicious Swift is pregnant.

Taylor Swift -- Lover

‘Lover’ is one of the gentlest, simplest songs that Taylor Swift has released in some time, so it makes sense that — at least on first glance — the accompanying music video is pretty simple too.

In it, Swift and a lover dance around a Wes Anderson-meets-Hereditary dollhouse, swimming around a fishbowl, playing drums, eating pizza and generally having the time of their lives. It’s sweet and unadorned, making it the polar opposite to the clip for ‘ME!’, which placed Swift and Brendan Urie of Panic! At The Disco in an explosive, cartoony world of cats and butterflies.

In fact, that rapid turn from wild and bizarre mania to gentle introspection has been the name of the game when it comes to the Lover roll-out. Starting big — and, one could argue, not very good — Swift has shifted her focus onto the deeply personal. ‘Lover’ and ‘The Archer’ might be the most introspective songs she’s ever released.

But, moments after the clip dropped, fans began poring over it for clues — and in the process found what they reckon is a pretty big one.

Watch the video all the way through, paying particular attention to the very last shot:

Seems simple, right: Swift and her lover sitting on the couch, while a young girl jumps up from the floor and gives them both a hug. Only, that girl is obviously their daughter, kicking off a wave of conspiracy theories that this is Swift’s way of announcing to the world that she has a baby on the way.

Of course, if it were any other artist, you could probably chalk this one up to overeager fans. But this is exactly Swift’s favourite thing to do — announce big news to her fans in the form of secret messages, rather than interviews with the media.

Best way to find out if there’s truth to this story, one might expect, is to listen to Lover — if it’s real, chances are the singer has peppered a few more clues about the place.

Guess we’ll find out when Lover drops today at 2pm AEST.