Taylor Swift Gracefully Comes To Terms With Her Future As A Crazy Cat Lady In This New Coke Ad

There will be no fulfilment. Only cats.

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Because she doesn’t make enough money as is, apparently, Taylor Swift is the face of Coke’s new ad campaign. It’s meant to give off that twee gosh-ain’t-life-peachy vibe where kittens just materialise every time she takes a sip of Coke, but I choose to read it as a deeply insightful text that provides trenchant commentary on T-Swift’s future: sitting in a house, alone, surrounded by an ever-proliferating number of cats.

Also, does she die at the end? Is she literally buried alive in a pile of cats? Do the cats represent consumerism? Are the cats sentient? Will cat videos save journalism? Will journalism save cat videos? Am I a cat?

So many questions. So few answers.

H/t: Jezebel.