Taylor Swift Just Dropped A New Video And Her Bad Gal Transformation Is Now Complete


‘End Game’ is one of the most confusing tracks on Taylor Swift’s new album Reputation. On the one hand it’s catchy and has a guest feature from Future, who is the last person we thought would ever appear on a Taylor Swift album. But it also features Ed Sheeran rapping, which is Not Good.

Anyway, evidently Taylor’s label think it’s one of her best because they’ve just given ‘End Game’ a big budget video clip, complete with cameos from Sheeran and Future.

And no, Katy Perry isn’t in it.

‘End Game’ is the third song from Reputation to get a video clip, following the much-analysed clip for her lead single ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ and the Blade Runner-esque video for ‘Ready For It’.

With Swift still laying low on social media, staying away from the media and skipping high-profile events, the music videos are pretty much the only way she’s promoting Reputation.

Taylor has only given one interview this album cycle, answering five questions for Time via email about her experience facing off in court with Colorado radio DJ David Mueller over claims of sexual assault. The interview appeared in Time‘s Person of the Year edition, a title they bestowed on a large group of people in 2017: the “silence breakers” who spoke out about sexual harassment and assault and led the #MeToo movement.

But, like just about everything Swift’s done this past 18 months, her appearance on the Time cover was a cause of controversy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯