This Taylor Swift Fan Was Camping When ‘Folklore’ Dropped. When She Returned, She’d Gone Viral

She even got a Taylor Swift reply out of it.

Taylor Swift fan camping

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folklore, the new — and possibly best? — Taylor Swift record dropped unannounced last week.

There was no lead-up; no promotional single. The only clue was a selfie Swift released months ago, which was an intentional misdirect. “Not a lot going on at the moment,” Swift wrote in the caption.

That meant folklore caught a lot of people off-guard — but perhaps no-one more than Taylor Swift super-fan, @seeitinmymind.

See, on July 18, a full week before folklore came out, the fan went on a camping trip that left them without their phone or wi-fi. They put up a tweet announcing their departure that day, logged off, and then went on their trip.

Of course, a week later, folklore was out — and @seeitinmymind had no idea. Immediately, other fans started following @seeitinmymind and camping out in their mentions, excitedly waiting for them to return.

When the fan finally did return, it was a wave of new followers — and, of course, a brand new Taylor Swift album.

Quickly, the fan revealed that they weren’t too surprised, on account of the fact that their parents had already told them about the album drop. But they still hadn’t heard the thing, so they got to settle down and listen to a brand new record, in full, with everyone hanging on their first impressions.


Oh, and if that ending wasn’t happy enough for you, then how about this: the fan ended up getting a reply from Miss Swift herself.

Truly the most heartwarming story of the year.