People Are Roasting Taylor Swift’s New Music Video For Ripping Off Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’

"Okay ladies now let's gentrification."

Not sure if you’ve heard, but Taylor Swift has a new song out.

The consensus? It is not good.

The track, ‘Look What You Made Me Do’, hit the digital airwaves yesterday, while the full music video is due to drop Sunday at the MTV Video Music Awards. But people are already wary of the clip, after Swift unveiled a short 20-second teaser that looks… kind of familiar.

The uncanny similarity between Swift’s clip and the video for Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’ has not gone unnoticed online.

Say what you will about Swift, her music or her politics, but she sure knows how to get people talking.

Even if they’re mostly just talking about how much they don’t like Taylor Swift.

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