This Photo Upset A Bunch Of Sexist Trolls, Now It’s More Popular Than Ever

It would be a shame if this photo ended up being shared everywhere...

Tayla Harris, AFLW, Blues

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Football fans have rallied around AFLW star Tayla Harris after a spectacular photo of her during Sunday’s Carlton vs. Western Bulldogs pride match became a target for misogynistic abuse.

Channel 7 posted the snap of Harris kicking for goal on its social media accounts on Tuesday, only for the image to attract a number of sexist comments from men who might generously be described as mouthbreathing fuckwits.

Rather than moderate the comments, Channel 7 decided to delete the photo, sparking a wave of outrage from fans who rightfully pointed out that the photo was not the problem.

AFL photographer Michael Willson, who took the original photo, reposted the image to his social media with the caption “take that trolls”.

The photo was subsequently reshared by the official AFL and AFLW accounts, as well as AFL star Patrick Dangerfield, former player turned mental health advocate Wayne Schwass, head of the AFLW Nicole Livingstone and hundreds of others.

Harris also shared the photo of herself, along with a message for the “animals” who attacked her.

Channel 7 ultimately reposted the image late on Tuesday night along with an apology admitting they needed to work harder to combat trolls.