Some Legend Mashed-Up Tame Impala And ‘SexyBack’ And Now It’s Become A Massive Meme

'SexyBack' and 'The Less I Know The Better' have become the soundtrack to a disastrous night out.

Tame Impala and 'Sexyback' meme

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Chocolate and peanut butter. Strawberries and cream. Tame Impala and ‘SexyBack’. Some things were simply destined to be together.

Okay, so Tame Impala and Justin Timberlake’s smash-hit pop single might not initially seem as perfectly matched as those first two. But thanks to an enterprising meme maker, the internet has learned that the brace of hits mash together wonderfully.

That’s in part because the two songs share exactly the same BPM. But that’s not all. It’s also because they’re both overwhelmingly, unbearably horny.

Feast your unsuspecting  ears on the mish-mash, courtesy of YouTube user May:

Justin Timberlake And Tame Impala: Meme Round

Of course, because this is the internet and some things are too good to simply be left alone, the song has also been transformed into a viral meme.

It all began when some digital prankster decided to set the song to a video of pop culture icons dancing, featuring clips of everyone from Tobey Maguire to Mike from Monsters Inc.

Very quickly, the video and the song became a shorthand way to celebrate well, just about anything, most enjoyably Bernie Sanders’ possible Iowa Caucus win:

But the best iteration of the meme came shortly thereafter. Combining the video with text to tell the story of a disastrous night out, it’s the best thing that you’ll see all day.

I mean, just watch:

True art.