Everyone On TikTok Is Roasting ‘Tall Girl’, The Movie About A Girl Who Is Tall

"Honestly, me and this girl is about to fight, because her problem is not that bad."

Tall Girl Netflix TikTok Meme

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By now, you’ve probably heard of the Netflix film Tall Girl, the film about a girl who is tall.

The premise of the film is that the titular tallness is HARD and BAD, providing the obstacle for our hero to overcome, before she can win all the things she needs: romance, popularity, and self love. I almost said “hurdle” instead of obstacle, but she could clearly easily leap over any hurdle.

It almost immediately became ridiculed for its ludicrous premise.

Mocking the idea of tall girl problems has now become a meme, and those video teens over at TikTok have absolutely perfected the medium.

Honestly — I screamed.

I mean, it’s inherently funny, being tall is not a problem worth complaining about. And the TikTok meme continues to expose this:

And they’re not even all the same format — roasting Tall Girl comes in all different shapes and sizes on TikTok.

But actually maybe she has a point — maybe her feet are HUGE, as proposed by this video. I love this video.

If you need to find out what this is all about, you can stream Tall Girl on Netflix.