Who We Are

We know it's pretty easy to find out what’s going on in the world, but here at The Junkee Takeaway we’re more interested in all the other questions: Why? How? And what does it mean?

Every day we choose one story, and we go deep on it. We look at the history that led up to current events, at the wider context in which a story sits, at how people respond to a story that breaks, and at the significance of the things that happen in our world.

We're not about reporting, we’re about explaining. And we do it in a way that speaks directly to you.

We don’t sit in big fancy news studios, we’re more of a small yet mighty team. But we’re focussed on talking about the things that actually matter to young people, without diluting them down – from politics and pop culture, to science, climate change, sexuality, mental health, Indigenous and social justice issues.

We publish every day at 5pm on Facebook Watch and IGTV, and if you want to get in touch with a story idea, then just reach out to any of the team below.

The Team

Nick Arnold Executive Producer The Junkee Takeaway Headshot

Executive Producer

Nick Arnold


narnold [at] junkeemedia [dot] com

Claire Keenan Producer The Junkee Takeaway Headshot


Claire Keenan


claire [dot] keenan [at] junkeemedia [dot] com

Alex Sutcliffe Assistant Producer The Junkee Takeway Headshot

Video Editor

Alex Sutcliffe

asutcliffe [at] junkeemedia [dot] com