“An Absolute Joke”: Commuters Are Slamming Sydney Trains Over Saturday’s Massive Delays

"I’d get to town quicker in Fred Flinstone’s car."

sydney trains strike

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Furious commuters have taken to social media to slam Sydney Trains, after “technical issues” caused major delays across the city’s railway network on Saturday.

Passengers reported being delayed for upwards of two hours, waiting on platforms for services that didn’t arrive, or stuck on trains that had stopped between stations.

By midday, Sydney Trains was warning commuters to “delay non-essential travel or utilise local buses where possible”.

The delays occurred after “urgent” wiring repairs at Wynyard late on Friday night caused services running in both directions between Wynyard and Central to be suspended.

Angry passengers used the hashtag #SydneyTrains to express their frustration over the delays and general lack of communication.

The passengers weren’t the only ones pissed off by the situation. One driver had clearly had enough, apologising via his train’s PA system for having no information to give.

“Sorry to be making all these announcements when we have no further information, but our management feels that you are reassured by it,” he said, in a recording that has since made its way to Twitter. “You won’t see our management, but they want you to be reassured by me making announcements, to tell you that we have no further information. Thank you.”

Godspeed, Sydneysiders. Godspeed.