Sydney’s Bushfire Smoke Is So Thick The Harbour Bridge Is Invisible

"This wasn't the white Christmas I was dreaming of."

sydney smoke

A mix of rage, despair, and defeat has driven Sydney-siders to Twitter today to share photos of the apocalyptic smoke that has descended on the city.

Thick smoke is obscuring most of the city as a result of almost 100 bushfires burning across New South Wales. One mega-fire at Gospers Mountain in Wollemi National Park is covering more than 319,000 hectares, and firefighters believe it will take weeks to put out.

We already know that NSW is facing the highest air pollution ever seen in the state. According to the environmental department’s air quality index (AQI), anything above 200 is considered hazardous.

Sydney’s eastern suburbs are currently trying to breath through an AQI of 2552.

The smoke is so thick that the Harbour Bridge is basically invisible.

Smoke has been drifting in and out of Sydney for weeks, but this morning the choking smoke was extra thick. Sydney ferries were cancelled and some buildings were even evacuated after the smoke set off fire alarms.

Many people are concerned that with rising temperatures this could be Australia’s new normal.

Many are slamming the government for their response to the crisis, and their wider denial that we need to take better action against climate change.

Earlier this afternoon Scott Morrison rejected suggestions the federal government could do more to help the states battle the fires.

For Sydneysiders, an emergency rally is being held tomorrow at the Sydney Town Hall.