I Hope The Sydney Flies Are Enjoying Ruining My Life


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Quick question: what do the flies currently swarming Sydney want from us? 

If you’ve spent any time outdoors in Sydney over the past week you might’ve noticed yourself having to fan off a seemingly endless amount of flies. Even on my walk to the station this morning, I was harassed. Come to think of it, I don’t actually remember the Sydney flies ever being this bad. Is it the heat? Is it the humidity? Why won’t the flies leave us alone? 

Not to be rude to the flies or whatever, but they might be one of the most annoying insects to ever exist (not you though, RuPaul fly). I was on a picnic by a lake on the weekend and the flies enjoyed the spread more than I did. One nasty fly dived into the French Onion dip, while its friend swam in the juice and ruined everything. 

As we all know, nothing is ever a personal experience on TikTok. I’ve found comfort in other Sydney-siders sharing that they’ve been bombarded by the flying menaces too. 

I thought I had it bad, but the above TikTok is truly my worst nightmare. Not only are you being swarmed by flies, but you have to deal with the embarrassment of other people watching you get swarmed. This, paired with the stigma that flies are attracted to bad smells would send me over the edge; I can’t have anyone think that I smell bad so I’d be spraying every cologne in reach. 

If you thought you’d be able to escape the flies in the unusual Spring heat by dipping into the ocean you’d be sorely mistaken. They’ve been infesting Sydney beaches too. As if sand being stuck to you wasn’t bad enough, you can now have flies sticking to you too. This is nightmare fuel.

Flies, I respectfully ask that you leave Sydney immediately. Go annoy Melbourne or something. 

Ky is a proud Kamilaroi and Dharug person and writer at Junkee. Follow them on Instagram or on X.

Image credit: TikTok