Sydney Film Festival Reviewed

We reviewed some of the most buzzed films at this year's festival, including 'Dope', 'Ruben Guthrie', 'Gayby Baby' and 'Holding The Man'. Many were excellent. Some were not.

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The 64th Sydney Film Festival finished up on Sunday night, after screening 256 films from 68 countries, attended by over 176,000 ticket-holders — the largest year in the festival’s history.

We sent four reviewers to cover this year’s festival: Dee Jefferson, Matt Roden, Lauren Carroll Harris and Steph Harmon. They’ve put together 15 digestible reviews for you; to skip ahead, click on the films below:

Dope, dir. Rick Famuyiwa — reviewed by Matt Roden

The Diary of a Teenage Girl, dir. Marielle Heller — reviewed by Dee Jefferson

Gayby Baby, dir. Maya Newell — reviewed by Lauren Carroll Harris

Me And Earl And The Dying Girl, dir. Alfonso Gomez-Rejon — reviewed by Steph Harmon

The Daughter, dir. Simon Stone — reviewed by Dee Jefferson

Song of the Sea, dir. Tomm Moore — reviewed by Matt Roden

Slow West, dir. John McClean — reviewed by Lauren Carroll Harris

Brand: A Second Coming, dir. Ondi Timoner — reviewed by Steph Harmon

Tehran Taxi, dir. Jafar Panahi — reviewed by Dee Jefferson

The Look of Silence, dir. Joshua Oppenheimer — reviewed by Lauren Carroll Harris

Ruben Guthrie, dir. Brendan Cowell — reviewed by Dee Jefferson

Holding The Man, dir. Neil Armfield — reviewed by Steph Harmon

Strangerland, dir. Kim Farrant — reviewed by Lauren Carroll Harris

Going Clear: Scientology And the Prison Of Belief, dir. Alex Gibney — reviewed by Matt Roden

Haemoo, dir. Sung Bo Shim — reviewed by Lauren Carroll Harris
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