‘Sunrise’ Reckons The #MeToo Movement Has Gone Too Far

"Women have been given so much unfair power."

Sunrise airs controversial #MeToo segment

Sunrise has aired an interview with a sex therapist and author who thinks feminism is a “destructive force” and that the #MeToo movement has given women “licence to destroy men”. Because of course they have.

On Monday morning, hosts Samantha Armytage and Natalie Barr spoke with Bettina Arndt, who was there to promote her new book #MenToo. Over the course of five minutes, Arndt railed against feminism, the #MeToo movement, the family courts, a school curriculum she insisted was “set up to advantage girls” and a “fake rape crisis” in Australian universities.

“What started off as a really important issue has absolutely been derailed, and given women the right to behave extremely badly and destroy men who have done something to upset them,” Arndt said. “It’s gone far too far, and most people would agree with that. But I’m not just talking about #MeToo, I’m talking about a whole range of areas where feminism has gone off the rails.”

“It’s all about rules and regulations to advantage women at the expense of men. Constant male bashing. False accusations of violence being used to destroy men’s lives. Women denying men access to their children. There are endless rules in our society now which are about demonising men.”

If you were hoping Armytage or Barr might challenge Arndt at any point, you were destined to be disappointed.

“I know a lot of the men I know and love are quite scared at the moment,” said Armytage of the #MeToo movement.

“Absolutely,” Arndt agreed.

Barr, meanwhile, said she knew many women who “don’t want to call themselves feminists anymore”, and that demonstrated “how far the pendulum has swung”.

Arndt made headlines earlier this year for her ‘Fake Rape’ speaking tour of university campuses. In a talk at the University of Sydney in September that attracted a crowd of protesters, Arndt disputed the prevalence of campus sexual assault and said women should be held more accountable for sexual assaults. She told Armytage and Barr she would continue with these talks next year.

Sunrise came under fire earlier this year for airing a segment that seemingly called for another Stolen Generation. You can watch the interview with Arndt below, although honestly you probably shouldn’t.