Sudanese Australians Call Out Turnbull’s “African Gangs” Nonsense In A Powerful Video

"We are not criminals".

African gangs Turnbull video

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Members of Victoria’s Sudanese community have called out Malcolm Turnbull and his Liberal Party colleagues for their divisive comments about the state’s supposed African gang problem.

In a video campaign launched by St John’s Anglican Church in Footscray, eight Sudanese Victorians ask Turnbull to take back his remarks about African gangs in Melbourne, saying they harm the entire community.

“Now when I’m walking with my friends, people think I’m in a gang,” says one young woman.

The video accused the government of singling out Sudanese Australians in “a calculated strategy to win votes”, despite the fact that people of Sudanese heritage are responsible for just one percent of crimes committed in Victoria.

“We are frightened to go out because our Prime Minister has condemned us,” says one man. “We come from a country where leaders traded in fear. We do not expect that here.”

“Show leadership, not division,” another woman adds.

The video comes after Turnbull made a number of comments about African gangs in Victoria, a dog-whistle that had previously been utilised by Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, who famously said gang violence was so bad in Melbourne that people were afraid to eat in restaurants.

Victorian Liberal leader Matthew Guy has been vocal about the issue as well, making law and order a major part of his electioneering ahead of the state ballot in November. And he’s been aided in his campaign by sections of the media.

For what it’s worth, Victoria Police has repeatedly denied the state has an African gang problem and cautioned against demonising the entire Sudanese community over the actions of a few. But why would politicians listen to them when there’s an election to win?

You can watch the video calling out Turnbull below.