Tony Abbott’s Electorate Voted 75% Yes, So Sucked In Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott once again proved that his opinion isn’t worth much after his own electorate ignored his determined No campaigning, and hit it out of the park with an emphatic Yes to marriage equality. What can we say except “sucked in Tony”?

Throughout the entire mess that has been this marriage equality postal vote, and long before, Tony Abbott has been pushing back against the forces of love and equality. But in an ironic and delightful twist of fate, it turns out that Abbott’s own electorate couldn’t care less what he thinks. The people of Warringah returned a whopping 75% Yes vote and it’s a damn beautiful thing to see.

The 75% Yes result comes from more than 86,000 voters in Warringah, and it’s the 10th strongest Yes result in the country. So I think it’s safe to say that Abbott is a tad out of touch with the people that he’s supposedly representing.

After having to endure Abbott’s relentless pushing against marriage equality, it feels pretty good to see the tide turn against him. Remember when he had a whinge about Macklemore performing popular queer pride song ‘Same Love’ at the NRL Grand Final? Or when he exploited the victim narrative after being head-butted by a citizen (which as it turned out had less to do with the marriage equality debate and more to do with the guy thinking Abbott is a dickhead). Well sucked in mate you have lost this battle, and you have lost monumentally.

Abbott released a statement following the marriage equality results that appears to include his support for the alternative same-sex marriage bill put forward by Liberal Senator James Paterson and the conservative party, that would essentially roll back anti-discriminatory protections in place and just generally be a shitty way to honour Australia’s vote for marriage equality.

While Abbott shouts out a thank you to those who “supported marriage between a man and a woman”, AKA voted No, let’s just remember that that is only 25% of his own electorate. Abbott’s electorate turning against him is just a little bonus to add to the huge win that is today.