Protesters Target Channel 10 Following Kerri-Anne Kennerley’s Australia Day Comments

Organisers called Kennerley "racist" and "ill-informed".

Studio 10 protest following Kerri-Anne Kennerley's "racist" remarks

Protesters have targeted the Channel 10 offices in Sydney over controversial comments made by Studio 10 host Kerri-Anne Kennerley about sexual abuse in remote Indigenous communities.

Kennerley came under fire on Monday after criticising people for protesting on Australia Day, saying they’d be better off “doing something positive”.

“Has any single one of those 5000 people [protesting in Melbourne] waving the flags saying how inappropriate the day is, has any one of them been out to the outback where children, babies and five-year-olds are being raped, their mothers are being raped, their sisters are being raped?” Kennerley asked. “What have you done? Zippo.”

The comments were denounced by guest panellist Yumi Stynes, who said Kennerley was “sounding quite racist”. They also provoked a strong backlash on social media, with former Indigenous senator Nova Peris calling Kennerley’s comments “putrid and ignorant”.

On Tuesday morning, several dozen protesters rallied outside the Channel 10 studio in Pyrmont, with organisers calling Kennerley “racist” and “ill-informed”.

The controversy comes after a weekend on which tens of thousands of people marched in Invasion Day rallies in solidarity with Indigenous Australians.

Feature image via Elizabeth Wymarra/Twitter