The Streets Boycott Has Ended, So Go Enjoy A Golden Gaytime

Just in time for summer.

Golden Gaytime

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Good news! Streets factory workers have won their battle against proposed pay cuts, which officially concludes the union boycott of Streets products.

Yep, that’s right — you can enjoy that Golden Gaytime sanga now.

A quick refresher if you missed the whole thing: the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union has been calling for everyone to avoid eating Streets products this summer due to attempts by Streets’ parent company, Unilever, to terminate a collective agreement with workers at Streets’ Minto factory. Unilever were arguing that they needed to terminate the agreement because the factory was too expensive to run, but the union argued that terminating the agreement would have led to a 46 percent pay cut for the workers.

On Wednesday, however, Unilever said they would withdraw their application to terminate the agreement, taking the option of a pay cut off the table for now. The union is describing the win as a “huge victory”, and people are celebrating by enjoying some sweet Streets products. Possibly for breakfast. No judgement here.

Basically, you’re all set to go enjoy the good ice-cream content again. Have a gaytime, and join your union.