Why Everyone is Obsessed With ‘Stray’, The Cyberpunk Cat Game

Who doesn't dream of being a tiny cat with a backpack in a dystopian city?


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There’s a new adventure game called Stray where you play as a stray cat in a cyberpunk city and everyone is loving it.

Have you, like me, ever felt that you were actually destined to be a tiny cat with a backpack wandering through a dystopian cityscape? Well, a new video game is finally allowing us all to live that very dream.

Designed by French indie company BlueTwelve Studio, Stray combines 3 of life’s greatest joys: cats, sci-fi and gaming. The game came out last week on PlayStation 4, 5, and PC and is now the most popular game on Stream so far this year.

The gameplay is mostly exploration and mystery solving. The player plays as a feline friend who has been separated from their furry family due to some cat-aclysmic (get it?) event that has befallen the futuristic city. The game’s main goal is to find this cat’s family and solve the mystery of what happened by wandering around the ruins of the city. Not alone, of course. A little drone robot called B-12 that helps you read signs and piece together what’s going on. Most importantly, there is a meow button and a nap button.

The only (and very minimal) combat in the game comes from some tech critters called “zurks”. Zurks are human-looking robots with heads shaped like bulky old desktop monitors and, unfortunately, they will try to kill you.

Made very much for cat lovers by cat lovers, BlueTwelve Studio company has 2 in-house cats. One of these, a ginger cat called Murtaugh who was a stray adopted by the company’s founders, served as the main inspiration for Stray‘s protagonist. If that’s not wholesome enough for you, the game’s distributor Annapurna Interactive is also partnering with animal welfare groups to help raise money for shelters.

Stray‘s furry star is also voiced by a real cat called Lala, who the internet is obsessed with. Lala and her in-game counterpart join a great legacy of cats in scifi that includes Buttercup from the Hunger Games, Jake from The Cat From Outer Space, Goose from Captain Marvel, and of course, Jonesy from Alien.

Humans and cats have become equally obsessed with the game. Many cat owners have shared wholesome TikToks of their cat’s reactions to seeing the gameplay and it is the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen. It’s not hard to see why the easy-going, stunning gameplay has captured people’s imaginations.

And good news if you’re more of a dog lover! A new mod allows you to play through Stray as a dog. There’s also a multiplayer feature for those of you looking to start a cyberpunk cat gang. So, go forth and live out your sci-fi cat dreams.

Stray is out now.