All The Chaotic Reactions To Season 4 Of ‘Stranger Things’ Final Two Episodes

“Nancy Wheeler with a gun is one of my favourite genders.”

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We’re once again talking about how social media reacted to Season 4 of Stranger Things — but we’re now on to Volume 2!

The season’s hotly-anticipated second volume dropped on Netflix over the weekend, and as Steve Martin put it in Only Murders In The Building, we’ve “checked all the websites” to gauge the people’s thoughts.

— Warning: Spoilers for ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 lurk below. — 

After a wildly successful first volume, the second bit had a lot to live up to — and several things to address. There was Hopper’s escape from the Russian prison (which, by the way, made use of a Lithuanian prison that was the site for the murder of Jewish and Roma people during World War II), Max being killed and yet also still being alive, some more silly mystique around Will Byers’ sexuality, and yes, beloved new character Eddie Munson meeting his fate.

Firstly, we’ve already addressed everyone’s horny reactions to Joyce and Hopper finally locking lips, but to recap: people’s reactions to that development were very positive.

The sentiment also seems to be that Eddie getting killed off was not a good thing, and many people berated the showrunners for once again killing off a new character.

The Duffer brothers also had Nancy back on her ‘I’m shooting a gun and therefore, this is feminism’ beat.

There was also some appreciation for this moment of brotherly affection between Jonathan and Will, for good measure.

Speaking of emotions — audiences experienced a lot of them!

And others simply wanted to pour one out for poor old Will Byers, who used to be so very small.