Everyone Has Intense Thoughts About ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4

"My headphones have been playing 'Running Up The Hill' for three days straight."

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It’s been three years since we’ve had word of the going-ons in Hawkins, Indiana — but by all accounts it’s been worth the wait.

After the first seven episodes of Season 4 dropped last week, Stranger Things fans are remembering what life was like in that innocent pre-pandemic time when we watched TV for fun, as opposed to killing time after a PCR.

— Warning: Spoilers for Season 4 of Stranger Things lurk below — 

I’m joking! We still watch TV for fun, and so far the latest season of Stranger Things is just that: fun! But also quite cinematic, dark, and heartbreaking.

But look, it’s 2022 and there’s no time for words, so let’s just lay out our favourite social media reactions to Season 4 of Stranger Things so far.

Firstly, there was quite a lot of horniness for Steve (John Keery) and Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn).

This guy, though, not so much.

Others were simply in awe of Vecna’s story arc. The narrative splendour! The attention to detail! The reveal!

And others just showed their general appreciation for the cast as a whole.

Finally, we’d be remiss to mention that Kate Bush’s 1985 track ‘Running Up The Hill’ literally saved Max’s life, launching the song back into the charts after 35 years.

Anyway. Until next time!