Soon You’ll Be Able To Murder Steve Harrington From ‘Stranger Things’ In ‘Dead By Daylight’

Stranger Things characters Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler will be menaced by the Demogorgon in horror game 'Dead by Daylight' next month.

Dead By Daylight and Stranger Things

Next month, beleaguered Scoops Ahoy employee Steve Harrington and intrepid reporter Nancy Wheeler will be menaced by the Demogorgon in a Stranger Things update to video game Dead by Daylight. It seems that no matter how many portals they close, the Upside Down will always find them.

Dead by Daylight is a 4v1 horror game that was released in 2016.

In it, survivors attempt to repair five generators scattered around the map and escape before the killer catches them. It’s basically a game of Hide and Seek, if you get found you get murdered.

Since its release, developer Behaviour Interactive has added several new survivors and killers from beloved horror franchises.

Ashley J. Willams from Ash vs The Evil Dead, Michael Myers and Laurie Strode from Halloween, and Quentin Smith and Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare On Elm Street are playable characters available for purchase in Dead by Daylight.

Now, a few residents of Hawkins, Indiana will be joining them.

Announced todayStranger Things‘ Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington are being added as new survivors in Dead by Daylight, along with new killer The Demogorgon. There’s no information yet as to what their unique character perks will be, but people are already excited to play with Steve’s magnificent Fawcett-sprayed hair.

Dead by Daylight will also be adding a new map from Netflix’s hit show: The Underground Complex beneath Hawkins National Laboratory. I personally hate Dead by Daylight‘s indoor maps, as walls are a massive hindrance to my attempts at fleeing in a terrified panic. However, the Stranger Things theme is such a fun idea that I will forgive developer Behaviour Interactive this once.

Speculation about a Stranger Things addition have been circulating amongst Dead by Daylight players for a while, further fuelled by a cryptic tweet from Netflix on Sunday. Fans are thrilled that those rumours have turned out to be true.

Dead By Daylight‘s Stranger Things downloadable content will be released in September on both PC and consoles. It will also include new cosmetic items Steve’s Scuffed Rolled Sleeves and Nancy’s Torn Sweatshirt, though fans are desperately hoping Steve’s dashing Scoops Ahoy uniform will make an appearance as well.

More information on Dead By Daylight‘s Stranger Things Chapter will be revealed during a livestream by Behaviour Interactive on Friday, August 23 at 4:00AM AEST.