Sticky Fingers’ Dylan Frost Was Asked To Leave A Pub After A Dispute With A Trans Model

Frost denies instigating the incident.

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Sticky Fingers singer Dylan Frost was asked to leave a pub in Sydney’s Inner West in the early hours of Thursday morning following a verbal dispute with transgender model and writer Alexandra V. Tanygina.

Speaking to Junkee, Tanygina alleges that she and two friends entered the pokies section of Newtown pub Kelly’s on King at approximately 1am last night. Frost was also there with a friend. Tanygina alleges he was heavily intoxicated and hostile towards her shortly after arriving.

Through a representative, Frost acknowledged he was asked to leave the hotel, but denied that he instigated the altercation or threatened violence.

“I didn’t actually recognise him as Dylan Frost at first,” Tanygina told Junkee, “until someone pointed him out and I Googled him.”

As first reported by The Australian, Tanygina alleges Frost was “snarky” and continued to make “unnecessary comments” directed at her before calling her “crazy.” Angered, she says she retorted, “at least I’m not a racist and my career isn’t over”, a reference to Frost’s alleged involvement in a racially charged altercation with Indigenous punk band Dispossessed, and the ensuing fallout.

“He started going on this rant about how he hates transgender feminists,” Tanygina claimed. “[Then] he starting saying he couldn’t be a racist because he’s of Maori descent and he couldn’t be a sexist or homophobe because his mum’s a lesbian feminist.”

According to Tanygina, Frost began calling her “a floozy and a bitch”, before standing up and trying to initiate a physical fight.

“He starting coming for me and trying to fight, saying ‘I’ll fight you!’ — and one of my friends got up to kind of block him from me,” she says.

“Then I think the bartender saw the CCTV footage,” she says, “because he came into the pokies room and asked [Frost] to leave, which is when he started getting even more aggressive. The bartender was holding him back — he wasn’t complying, so the security guard had to escort him out.”

“I’m still frazzled — it was so intense. I’m still so rattled — it sucks to have an aggressive man come for you for no reason. I froze.”

The incident follows several allegations of sexist and racist abuse against Frost, which resulted in the band’s hiatus in December 2016 as Frost sought rehabilitation for alcohol and behavioural issues.

In a recent statement, Frost acknowledged that his past behaviour had made people feel unsafe.

Sticky Fingers will embark on a world tour in a few weeks, having re-emerged last month as the ‘secret headliner’ of Sydney festival Bad Friday. Subsequently, the band gave a widely criticised interview on Triple J’s Hack in which Frost appeared to defend himself from allegations of violence by stating that “boys will be boys“.

When contacted for comment, a spokesperson for Sticky Fingers shared a statement, saying that Tanygina instigated the clash.

“As [Frost] was leaving [Kelly’s], he was approached and verbally attacked by a stranger and called a racist,” said the statement. “Dylan said it was ‘bullshit’ and to leave him alone. She continued to harass him, and her friend then joined in and threatened him and Dylan told him to fuck off. The manager noticed there was tension and asked them to leave, which Dylan did.”

Kelly on King’s declined to comment when contacted by Junkee.