Please Enjoy Steve Price Getting Dragged For His Terrible Views On Women’s Footy

"You can evolve. That's what we do, as people."

Steve Price dragged on The Project for his views on AFLW

Over the weekend, more than 53,000 football fans turned out to watch Adelaide triumph over Carlton in the AFLW Grand Final. It was the biggest crowd ever for a domestic women’s sporting event in Australia, smashing the previous record by more than 11,000 people. It was also a clear sign to anyone with half a brain that the public is embracing women’s football. Which unfortunately rules Steve Price right out.

Price was at the desk on Monday night’s episode of The Project, which featured a report on the game and the record-breaking attendance at Adelaide Oval. His three co-hosts were all pretty stoked about the news, with Peter Helliar pointing out that the crowd was more than double what the AFL was expecting.

“It shows that whether it’s women or men, we all just love watching Carlton get smashed in a final,” Helliar joked.

“Or it says there’s not much to do in Adelaide on a Sunday afternoon,” Price shot back.

“Do you have any idea what that vision, what those optics mean to young girls?” asked Lisa Wilkinson.

“I’ve got two daughters and I love sport,” said Price. “But don’t let’s go overboard, it was free. How many people would have been there if they’d charged.”

“This is about building the sport,” replied Wilkinson. “After centuries of women being told ‘no, you sit and watch the men,’ women actually get to go out there–”

“I don’t have a problem with them playing,” Price interrupted. “I just don’t like watching it because I don’t think it’s very good.”

“Are you serious?” asked Wilkinson.

“The problem is, [Price] won’t eat humble pie on this,” said Waleed Aly, “because there’s no woman to bake it for him.”

“You can’t change my mind on something I’ve been strong on all the time,” insisted Price.

“You can change your mind,” responded Helliar. “You can evolve. That’s what we do, as people.”

You can watch the whole segment below.