Colbert Shouts Out Aussie Marriage Equality, Hangs Shit On Bob Katter

Oh boy.

Hey, you know that video of Queensland MP Bob Katter talking about how marriage equality is less of a priority than ravenous, man-eating crocodiles? Well, Stephen Colbert just got wind of it, and oooooooh boy.

The host of The Late Show was grinning from ear-to-ear as he gave a shout-out to the result of the Australian marriage law postal survey, before turning his attention to the angriest man in Canberra.

“I want to warn you, the clip you’re about to see contains extreme levels of Australian-ness,” Colbert told his audience.

“I can’t wait to hear Katter weigh in on gay adoptions,” Colbert joked about the footage. “I mean people are entitled to the joy and laughter of children, I say live and let live. But who cares, because in the meantime, gangs of kangaroos and dingoes are chewing you grandpa’s face off.”