Stella Donnelly’s Blissful Cover Of ‘Love Is In The Air’ Is Here To Make Your Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is good again.

stella donnelly photo

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Valentine’s Day is a tricky one.

If you’re single, it’s a reminder of just how alone you are. If you’re in a relationship, then you hopefully don’t need a rostered celebration to encourage you to treat your partner with respect and care. It’s just not clear who the celebration is for, making it confusing and overwhelming and generally a bit shit.

Which is why the Stella Donnelly cover of ‘Love Is In The Air’ that went down on Like A Version this morning is quite so welcome.

Beautiful and sensitive, the cover stays close to the blueprint of the original, focusing on basics: Donnelly’s peerless voice, that incomparable melody, and the words, as beautiful now as they were when they were first written decades ago.

It’s the perfect song to send as a quick DM to your lover if you’ve forgotten to buy them a present, or to play to yourself, on your headphones, isolating yourself from the world and feeling just fine about that, thank you very much.

Watch Stella Donnelly blow the roof off in full below: