Please Enjoy These Remixes Of The Simpsons’ Iconic “Steamed Hams” Scene

A ranking of the weirdest (and best) things on the internet.

Steamed hams

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In the 20 years since it first aired, there has never been a more perfect two minutes and 42 seconds of television as The Simpsons’ ‘Steamed Hams’ scene.

It’s hard to pin down exactly why it’s so iconic. The impossibly rapid deterioration of events? The strained familiarity of knitting yourself into a sticky web of lies? The fact that this was, for a lot of us, the first place we learned of the Aurora Borealis? The pure, joyous absurdity of the concept of “steamed hams”?

The scene also raises many questions that have never been answered. Why is Skinner’s kitchen so barren? Why wasn’t his mother invited to the lunch? How did Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers each manage to power through a Krustyburger steamed ham so quickly?

The scene has spawned many things: real-life recipes, this strangely in-depth dissection of exactly why it is funny (complete with diagrams). But perhaps best of all are the remixes. The memes. The re-imaginings. Some are hits, some are misses. All are a strange love story to the glory of this scene.

We’ve reviewed some of the most popular videos from (what turned out to be a surprisingly large pool) the homage-to-steamed-ham genre.

Skinside Out

This surrealist nightmare plays the whole scene in the right order, but all the lines are reversed. Why? No one knows, but it is brilliant.

Simple conceit, strangely compelling viewing.

Rating: 7/10

The Skinner Chronicles

This is basically the original scene book-ended to look like an episode of Seinfeld, begging the question — why is it called “The Skinner Chronicles” as though it were some kind of epic YA fantasy series instead of “Skinnerfield”? *Deep breaths*.

Rating: 5/10

Skinception: Synch or Swim

The scene is played out ten times simultaneously, at different speeds, with all videos meeting up at “Aurora Borealis”. It must have been a technological nightmare/mathematical dream to construct, but is oddly soothing.

Rating: 8/10

“steamed hams but every time they say steam, homer punches lenny in the back of the head”

Exactly what it says on the box. Until you watch this video you have no idea how invested you are in hearing the word “steam”. As the clip goes on, and the lack of “steam” in “steamed hams” builds, you end up feeling pretty punchy yourself.

Rating: 1/10

Dank Steam

Hello, tune that will be soothing me to sleep every night for the rest of ever. Also, bonus points for “Steamour”.

Rating: 9/10

Memed Hams

This one is a supercut of a whole lot of meme-ified versions of the scene. Great to watch after the Lenny-punch one to help address your “steam” deficit.

Rating: 6/10

What If Steamed Hams But MS Paint?

Some genius decided to re-animate the original scene, just… really badly. It’s re-composed with sketchy, almost stick figures… but stick figures that still look like the original characters. Why? The time that must have gone into this. The lack of explanation anywhere.

Rating: 10/10

Steamed Hams If Skinner Didn’t Let Superintendent Chalmers In

A horrifying vision into an alternate reality.

No rating.