People Sharing Their Confusing Spotify Wrapped Results Has Become A Huge Meme

"Spotify Wrapped isn’t as fun when you listen to the same sleep tracks every night for 365 days."

Spotify Wrapped Memes

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In case you missed, Spotify released their yearly Spotify Wrapped yesterday.

Spotify Wrapped is an annual summary of your listening habits released in December each year, pulling in your most popular genres, artists and songs from the last 365 days. Along with the usual yearly wrap-up, Spotify also released Wrapped statistics for the the decade.

As is the case every year, Spotify users were wildly excited to share their results on social media, with Wrapped screenshots rapidly popping up all over Instagram and Twitter. Needless to say, it’s become everyone’s new favourite meme.

For Apple Music subscribers, these screenshots are insufferable — each year, AM users are forced to watch everyone else share their Spotify results with no access to the service for themselves. While Apple does offer a similar summary for their customers, it’s nowhere near as big a thing as Wrapped.

For a lot of people logging on, the results were…unexpected.

People were also confused by the unheard of genres that Spotify chose to group their music into. Hip-hop fans were particularly surprised over Spotify’s choice in classifying their favourite music as ‘Pop Rap’ and ‘Meme Rap’.

However, the most unexpected Spotify Wrapped results were for those who used their accounts as they slept. The use of background noise to aid sleep has been proven effective, so it’s popularity isn’t all that surprising.

But unfortunately for those who listen to white noise and rain sounds, Spotify still takes into account all those tracks when calculating your Wrapped statistics. And for an unlucky few, this totally skewed their end-of-year results.

But now 2019 is basically complete, it’s time to listen to whatever we want until Spotify mocks our music choices for another year.