Spotify Wrapped 2020 Has Landed, And Turns Out We Really Love The Weeknd

Here's your most played songs, artists, and albums of The Year We'd Rather Forget.

spotify wrapped 2020

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We’re rapidly nearing the end of the year, which means it’s time for streaming services around the world to dump truckloads of data for us to sort through.

Spotify is the first cab off the rank, today releasing its full Wrapped rundown of the most streamed songs, artists, and albums of The Year That We’d Rather Forget.

This year was always going to be interesting for end of year stats — just what have we been listening to while stuck in lockdowns around the world? — but the results perhaps aren’t as depressing as you would assume. The Weeknd dominated, with his single ‘Blinding Lights’ named as the most streamed song globally and in Australia. His album After Hours also landed at the #2 spot in both the global and local lists, and he’s the 5th most streamed artist overall.

Bad Bunny was the most streamed artist globally (followed by Drake and J Balvin) while Billie Eilish topped the most played female artist ranking for the second year in a row. Taylor Swift, armed with her new album folklore, came in at #2, and Ariana Grande is sitting at #3.

On the local front, the Hilltop Hoods were the most streamed Australian act, followed by Flume and Tones And I, who took out the top two spots in the song ranking, with ‘Dance Monkey’ and ‘Never Seen The Rain’ respectively. In terms of internationals, late rapper Juice WRLD lands at #1, with Drake and Taylor Swift following. Check out the full rankings below.

As for your personalised Spotify Wrapped data — in which you’ll be able to see your top albums, artists, and songs — we’ve been told you’ll be able to get your hands on it in the next few days.

Speaking of years in review, it hasn’t been a great one for Spotify. They’ve come under fire consistently for their refusal to pay artists at a higher rate, leading to a stack of musicians creating a union in order to target the company to pay them fairly. Recently they were slammed for proposing artists and labels sacrifice streaming royalties to ensure their music is recommended by their algorithm.

Spotify 2020 Wrapped Global Top Lists

Most Streamed Artists Globally

1. Bad Bunny
2. Drake
3. J Balvin
4. Juice WRLD
5. The Weeknd

Most Streamed Female Artists

1. Billie Eilish
2. Taylor Swift
3. Ariana Grande
4. Dua Lipa
5. Halsey

Most Streamed Albums Globally

1. Bad Bunny — YHLQMDLG
2. The Weeknd — After Hours
3. Post Malone — Hollywood’s Bleeding
4. Harry Styles — Fine Line
5. Dua Lipa — Future Nostalgia

Most Streamed Songs Globally

1. The Weeknd — ‘Blinding Lights’
2. Tones And I — ‘Dance Monkey’
3. Roddy Ricch — ‘The Box’
4. Imanbek and SAINt JHN — ‘Roses’ (Imanbek Remix)
5. Dua Lipa — ‘Don’t Start Now’

Most Popular Podcasts Globally

1. The Joe Rogan Experience
2. TED Talks Daily
3. The Daily
4. The Michelle Obama Podcast
5. Call Her Daddy

Most Popular Podcast Genres Globally

1. Society & Culture
2. Comedy
3. Lifestyle & Health
4. Arts & Entertainment
5. Education

Spotify 2020 Wrapped Australia

Most Streamed Artists — Australia

1. Juice WRLD
2. Drake
3. Taylor Swift
4. Eminem
5. The Weeknd

Most Streamed Australian Artists

1. Hilltop Hoods
2. Flume
3. Tones And I
4. The Wiggles
5. 5 Seconds of Summer

Most Streamed Songs — Australia

1. The Weeknd — ‘Blinding Lights’
2. Imanbek, SAINt JHN — ‘Roses’ (Imanbek Remix)
3. Dua Lipa — ‘Don’t Start Now’
4. DaBaby  — ‘ROCKSTAR’ (feat. Roddy Richh)
5. Harry Styles — ‘Watermelon Sugar’

Most Streamed Australian Songs

1. Tones And I — ‘Dance Monkey’
2. Tones And I — ‘Never Seen the Rain’
3. The Rubens — ‘Live In Life’
4. Flume, Vera Blue — ‘Rushing Back’
5. Sam Fischer — ‘This City’

Most Streamed Albums — Australia

1. Harry Styles — Fine Line
2. The Weeknd — After Hours
3. Pop Smoke — Shoot For the Stars Aim For The Moon
4. Lewis Capaldi — Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent
5. Dua Lipa — Future Nostalgia

Most Popular Podcasts — Australia

1. From the Newsroom
2. The Quicky
3. Squiz Today
4. The Joe Rogan Experience
5. 7am

Most Popular Podcast Genres — Australia

1. Comedy
2. Society & Culture
3. Lifestyle & Health
4. News & Politics
5. Education