Here’s How To Find Out Your Most Played Songs On Spotify This Year

Your results are in.

Ariana Grande Thank U Next

The day is finally here: streaming behemoth Spotify have just dropped their intensely loveable ‘Spotify Wrapped’ feature, allowing you to share (or not share, if you wanna keep the number of times you’ve loudly belted out 5SOS’ ‘Youngblood’ in your room a secret) your listening habits from the year.

Head over to Spotify to see the songs you haven’t been able to stop streaming (my guess is the answer will be ‘Thank U, Next’ for a whole lot of us, right?).

In a couple of hours, you’ll be able to compare yourself to Australia at large: Spotify will have dropped Australia’s most-listened to tracks of the year as well.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given how broadly he was splashed over the Spotify front page, Australians couldn’t get enough of Drake this year. He was Australia’s most streamed male artist and his softboi banger masterpiece ‘God’s Plan’ was the most streamed track of the year.

He’s also the most streamed artist on the entire platform — he racked up an eye-watering 8.2 billion listens in this year alone.

It’s a nice honour that the man well deserves, particularly given it’s gone down in a year when he got absolutely eviscerated by the hardest diss track of maybe the last decade.

Australia’s most-streamed female artist probably won’t be a surprise either — Ariana Grande took that plaudit, thanks to the phenomenon success both of Sweetener, and late-in-the-year, utterly addictive single ‘Thank U, Next.’

2018’s most streamed Australian artist was Australian boyband superstars 5SOS, whose filthy earworm ‘Youngblood’ also took out the gong for most-streamed Australian track.

Also, weirdly, ole mate Hugh Jackman snuck himself into the list of top five most streamed Aussie artists, thanks to his contribution to the downright unstoppable success of The Greatest Showman soundtrack.