This Spotify Plug-In Turns Your Top Tracks Into An Instagram Ready Receipt

But only, you know, if it's not too embarrassing to post.

Receiptify turns your Spotify top tracks into an Instagram ready receipt

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Finding out your top tracks on Spotify is only ever a click (or two) away, but now, streamer Michelle Liu has created a plug-in to make your data picture perfect and ready to post. Introducing ‘Receiptify’, a plug-in that transforms your top tracks into a shopping receipt.

Liu, @fullcontrol on Twitter, tweeted out her invention on Sunday — before long, it had blown well and truly beyond her 200 followers. Liu had spent a day coding the site after being inspired by @albumreceipts, an Instagram account that posts album tracklists as if they were printed on a custom receipt. See:

Once you log in with Spotify, the plug-in will generate receipts for your top 10 tracks of the last month, last 6 months or all-time. Be warned, it might be a little revealing or a reminder of that day you listened to Imogen Heap’s ‘Hide And Seek’ on repeat for nine hours straight.

Go generate your own receipts here. Liu is asking for a couple of dollars to help host the plug-in, as it needs a bigger, paid server thanks to all the attention it’s gotten — her Venmo is michelle-liuu.