Spotify Can Now Tell You Which ‘Queer Eye’ Guy Shares Your Taste In Music

Now you can tell whether you and Antoni really are soul mates.

If you’ve ever gazed longingly at Antoni’s face and wondered whether he can cook your music tastes would be compatible, then we have some very good news.

In honour of US Pride month, Spotify has released a spiffy new plug-in that allows you to see which Queer Eye guy your musical taste aligns with. All you need to do is log in and spin the wheel to see whether you’re an Antoni, or more of a Tan.

Additionally, all of the Queer Eye guys have put together extended pride playlists full of their favourite tunes for you to dive into. Jonathon’s is pretty classic gay, with Diana Ross, Sade, Madonna and RuPaul all making the cut, while Tan goes for a more modern queer sound, featuring Janelle Monáe, Lana Del Rey, Frank Ocean, and Betty Who. Turns out Antoni doesn’t actually listen to the Strokes, but instead reps Tegan and Sara, Le Tigre, Robyn, and (oh no) Macklemore, while pure angel Karamo loves Troye Sivan’s bottoming ode ‘Bloom’. Bobby, meanwhile, is still listening to Jewel.

The Fab Five are currently on a promotional blitz for the impending second season of Queer Eye, which lands on Netflix on June 15. Just last week they were in our fair country visiting their spiritual home of Yass, making over a charming 54-year-old farmer called George. They were also crowned Yass Queens by the town’s mayor.

Anyway, we all know you just really want to see whether you’re compatible with Antoni — so check out his playlist below. And watch the season two trailer while you’re at it.