Here’s How To Find Spotify’s New (And Slightly Hidden) ‘Forever Favourites’ Playlist Feature

If the feature's not popping up on your home page, here's a work-around.

How to find Spotify's 'forever favourites' playlist creator

Last week, you might have seen a few posts across social media of someone’s ‘Forever Favourites’ playlist on Spotify, a feature that asks you to pick your top five all-time tracks. But chances are, if you were like us, you couldn’t find it anywhere.

After reaching out to Spotify AU, they confirmed that you’ll need to update your Spotify app to find the playlist, which otherwise would appear on the home menu.

Having said that, if it doesn’t pop up, you can still find it by searching “spotify:forever-favorites” (yes, American spelling for ‘favorite’) in the search bar — merely looking up ‘Forever Favourites’ will show various users’ playlists.

Alternatively, if you’re on a mobile device right now, click this link, and it’ll load up Forever Favourites in your Spotify app. Then the hard part really comes into play — picking your tracks (or podcasts). Once you’re done collating the five tracks, a share option lets you share it to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or download the .jpg. Mine’s below for reference.

How to find Spotify's 'forever favourites' playlist creator

Justice for ‘Moments In Love’, ‘Somebody To Love Tonight’, ‘Hyperballad’, Arthur Russell and Sufjan Stevens. Eep!

The whole thing is very stressful. Just five tracks??? It might help to have a look through your most-streamed songs. And why not make that pretty, too? Last week, Spotify user Michelle Liu created ‘Receiptify’, which turns your streaming data into a top-10 list, inspired by the Instagram account @albumreciepts.