Now Spotify Can Tell You How Sexist (Or Not) Your Music Taste Is

How do your listening habits stack up?

Spotify Equaliser

Last December Spotify released their annual end of year rankings, revealing the tracks and artists that we spun most in 2017.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the rankings were dominated by English songwriter Ed Sheeran, whose single ‘Shape of You’ and album Divide took out the Most Streamed Track and Most Streamed Album categories respectively.

But there was an even more depressing fact to come out of the rankings: not one of the Top Ten tracks was by a female artist.

The revelation prompted Spotify (along with Smirnoff) to release a new web-based gadget called the ‘Equaliser‘, which allows users to get a percentage breakdown of their listening habits according to gender. The breakdown takes into account everything you’ve listened to over the last six months.

Even cooler, they’re also allowing you to tailor a new Equalised Playlist with your preferred percentage of male/female (including non-binary) artists. You control this by simply moving around a little slider.

The project is aiming to highlight female artists in honour of International Women’s Day on March 8, and also show users the impact of unconscious gender bias on their daily listening habits.

Get around the new gadget here. And listen to Spotify’s official Equaliser Playlist — curated by none other than dance legend and LGBTIQ activist Honey Dijon — below.