Spotify’s New Feature Allows You To Blend Playlists With Your Mates

Are your music tastes actually similar to your mates? Now you can find out for certain.

Spotify Blend

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Spotify have rolled out their new feature, Spotify Blend, which is designed to test how similar you and your mates’ taste are.

Basically, Spotify Blend resembles the matches of old. As with that service, you get a percentage-based approximation of how close your tastes are. From there, Spotify then makes you a playlist that blends your disparate musical heroes together, so you finally have something to chuck on in the car on those long-haul trips.

Spotify Blend will tell you what songs you have in common, so you can find out that there is more that connects you than that which makes you dissimilar.

Essentially, the feature is a way to get to know your mates and their tastes even better, and a no-hassle way of resolving arguments about who gets the control of the AUX chord.

The feature is one of the many that Spotify have been rolling out in recent months, a way of capitalising on the success of their massively popular Spotify Wrapped feature.

Of course, it’s worth noting as ever that the streaming service has long been under fire for its treatment of musical artists, and the pittance of a payment that most musicians get from the service. If you’re really looking to support the musicians that your Spotify Blend tells you that you and your mates love, then why not band together and buy their music on Bandcamp? That’s a way to really show your support, particularly during these unprecedented and deeply trying times.