‘Spoil Me’ Is A Website That Will Ruin Movies For You, For Some Reason

Some people just want to watch the world burn.

One of the true hallmarks of modernity is the creation of services that we never really needed; you know, like any of the futuristic inventions in The Jetsons, or Snapchat. This is where ‘Spoil Me’ comes in, a website that acts as a movie spoiler database in which you can type in the name of any film and have it promptly ruined for you.

Hurrah for the opposable thumbs!


The Ejector is less redundant than ‘Spoil Me’.

Even to a lover of spoilers (I can’t watch horror movies without reading the synopsis on Wikipedia first, don’t judge) this website is spectacularly redundant. It’s also mean, giving you the option to share the spoiler you’ve just received on Facebook and Twitter.

However, ‘Spoil Me’ isn’t exactly giving the middle finger to hysterical online spoiler alerts, so if you’re looking for an indictment of of spoiler culture you will not find it here (although it is getting us to think about the ridiculous nature of spoiler alerts… woah, meta). Although there are plenty of real spoilers in there, because it’s database is largely user-generated the service is already being served up a big ‘ol spoon of internet justice and mockery.

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Some people just want to watch the world burn.

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