The Best Reactions To Splendour In The Grass’ Day Of Chaos

"What is the opposite of FOMO, because I have it about Splendour.”

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Sadly, Splendour In The Grass has made a humbling return — day 1 of the festival has sadly been cancelled due to heavy rainfall turning the North Byron Parklands into a glorified mud pit.

Of course, many of punters had already made their way to the festival, and can be still be located squelching around in gumboots, hoping for a much better weekend. But whenever a bad things happen — whenever our hopes are dashed — we know that we can always rely on one thing: entertaining reaction tweets on social media.

So without further ado, here are our favourite reaction tweets to the pandemonium that is 2022’s Splendour In The Grass: day 1.

First up, here’s what we’re seeing from festival goers themselves:

And here are the smug people watching everything unfold from home. (It’s me, I’m smug people.)

An eventful Splendour so far, that’s for sure! Let’s hope that the performances go ahead tomorrow as planned. Fingers crossed for some side shows and some fun to be had amid the chaos, and all the best to everyone braving the extreme weather up in Byron.