Don’t Panic, But A ‘Spice World’ Sequel Might Be Coming To Cinemas Next Year

The best film of all time might be getting a sequel.

Spice World sequel in the works

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In the best news to drop in, well, forever, it seems like a sequel to the classic Spice Girls masterpiece Spice World might be hitting cinemas sometime soon.

Okay, so given that the only source for this story is an unnamed one, take everything I’m about to write with a grain of salt. But, according to the rumour mill, four out of the five original Spice Girls — just guess who’s not going to be involved — have approached a Hollywood screenwriter and are looking to produce a sequel to their 1997 classic.

“The girls have been talking about how to mark the film’s anniversary and are actively considering making a tongue-in-cheek sequel,” says the source. “It is still in the early stages but they are talking to established names in the business, which proves they are taking a big screen comeback seriously.”

Like I say, this is all extremely tentative — even if it’s true that the band have started to approach a screenwriter, that doesn’t mean diddly squat about the security of the final product. Projects in Hollywood are notorious for falling apart for a myriad of reasons before the cameras have even started rolling, and given the multiple moving parts involved with a Spice World sequel — Victoria Beckham’s involvement, studio contracts, etc. — this one might die a death. But we can dream, can’t we?

Of course, the reason for all the excitement online surrounding the sequel is the sheer quality of the original. An acerbic take on the music industry co-starring Richard E. Grant, Spice World is a considerably funnier and smarter film than its reputation sometimes implies. It’s the best, basically, and any news that we might be getting more of it should be embraced with open arms. Here’s to hoping.