Sorry Everyone, The Spice Girls Jumped The Gun On That Whole “Australian Tour” Thing

Zig A Zig Oh No.

Spice Girls

Over the weekend, The Spice Girls had Australian fans riled up after Mel B yelled at the group’s final UK reunion concert that they’d ‘see us in Australia in February’. But it seems like things aren’t 100 percent confirmed.

After bailing on an advertised interview with Channel 10’s The Project last night, things appeared a little up in the air. Meanwhile, Facebook events for Australian stops got fans extra hyped, despite being obvious fakes.

Talking on 2DayFM Breakfast this morning, Mel B confirmed she might’ve gotten a little ahead of herself.

“Well, you know what, you know me by now,” she said. “I always say The Spice Girls are going to continue and continue and tour the world.”

“My thing is — and I’ve got a bit of a bee in my bonnet about it — is that we need to come to Australia first… so I announced it o-stage, yes, without everyone else signing off 100 percent, but I figured if I put it out there, it might actually happen.”

Which, as far as stadium tours go, isn’t exactly how things work. Mel B, who has lived in Australia on-and-off since 2013 appearing as a judge on X Factor and Australia’s Got Talent, did confirm that conversations were underway for an Australian tour, but couldn’t quite confirm when or where.

“Australia in February sounds pretty good to me,” she said.  “I’d been talking about it forever, since January — I’ve pencilled the dates in, we’re not fully on board yet.”

“Listen, we just did London, and it actually happened, so I’ll make sure Australia happens.”

‘Say You’ll Be There’, Scary, and there Australia will be too. To ride the revival wave, revisit ‘Wannabe’ below, or listen to ‘Spicy’, a stellar cover by Charli XCX, Diplo and Herve Pagez.

Meanwhile, Billie Eilish, who was born in 2001,  thought Spice Girls were a fake band created for Spice World.