Please Pray For Whoever Botched The Restoration Of This 500 Year Old Spanish Statue

They tried.

Spanish Statue

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One of the most delightful things in the world is when beautiful works of art are absolutely munted by a well-meaning dumb-dumb, such as the latest addition to the hall of grotesquely botched art restoration, an old Spanish statue that’s been turned into a “toy”.

Remember the horrifying beauty that was the Ecce Homó, the magnificently botched restoration of an ancient fresco of Jesus that a confused old woman managed to turn into a weird suffering monkey?

Nothing will ever be funnier than our lord Jesus Christ transformed into a tormented furry animal, or the fact that the ruined piece of old art is now a major tourist attraction. What isn’t great is that the poor woman who did her dang best got really sad and hid in her house for a couple of months.

Or remember this hilarious statue of baby Jesus, who got a fancy new orange head? Honestly, art can mean so many things.

Anyway! The latest in our rogue’s gallery of improved artworks is a 16th-century polychrome statue of San Jorge (St George) in the Church of St. Michael in Estella, which has been transformed into a kind of dinky toy version of itself.


The mayor was reportedly livid, tweeting that: “Today Estella doesn’t make news for its spectacular historical, artistic, architectural or cultural heritage, but because of miserable actions performed on a 16th-century St George statue that is in one of the most imposing religious temples of the city.”

According to the angry mayor, the church’s priest decided to renovate the carving without consulting or informing the city council.

Naturally, people are DELIGHTED at our pink faced boy and his fancy steed.