Sophie Monk Could Legitimately Become The Next Bachelorette

The ex-Bardot singer has reportedly met with executives from Channel Ten.

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Last week during her absolutely masterful appearance on ‘Hard Chat’ with Tom Gleeson, ex-Bardot singer, model and media personality Sophie Monk joked about wanting to star in the next season of The Bachelorette.

Or at least, we thought she was joking. But now The Daily Telegraph is reporting that she’s legitimately keen.

According to the paper, Monk called a meeting with executives from Channel 10 earlier this week to suss out the possibility of appearing on the show. Of course that doesn’t mean that anything will actually come of it – although after watching her hold her own against Tom Gleeson, I’d definitely tune in.

Having previously won both Popstars and Celebrity Apprentice, Monk is no stranger to the reality TV game. She’s yet to comment publically on the rumours, despite being, in her own words, “very single”.